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Friday , July 10 2020
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    School of merges again again

    Jhapa. It may be very surprising to hear that one of the students studying in a single school is only their own private house, but it is the reality of the student who is studying at a community school in reality at Birtomad Municipality-10 of Jhapa.

    But Jaya Katuwal’s father, who is studying in classroom of Shirdhpur Primary School, has only got his own land and his home, the guardian of the other child with shelter in all the other areas.

    Basit, a teacher of childhood center, operated in a school of 50 children studying at the school, said that 49 other parents live in another land and eat it.

    The children of food in the school, who are weak financial condition, do not come to read, except for all, except for Jaya. Chhattisgarh Primary School Management Committee President Roka Roy said, “Uncertainly, children like children who do not have education, big children go abroad.”

    ‘The parents go to work at seven o’clock in the morning and the children, who can come and eat, but they can not eat, but they do not eat, but their parents return home after 12 o’clock, they will not be able to eat their children in the school.’

    Principal of the school, Narendra Gurung, told that the students were distributed textbooks according to the preparation of classroom classes in this medium from this educational session to make the school strong and prosperous.

    Shiva of the deceased member Deepi told that the school was to be replaced. “Our only strength is nothing, our quality English education from Diva Khoja starts from this year, but the guardian should send the child together.”

    Vice President, Duryodhana Gurung said that after all, to prepare for reading and teaching environment in the school that was present in existence, Vice President said that there was a lot of improvement in the past. Speaking about the student number and the quality of education both were required to improve, Vadheer Gurung said- “The number of students passes in hundreds of students in the coming academic session.”

    According to the provision of teacher imprisonment on student basis, Yadra Municipality Education Branch, Yuvraj Pandey said last year, according to the provision of teachers’ imprisonment in Birmamad, the student numbers were reduced due to lack of student numbers in the Shadad Lakshmi utility. He said – class because of the number of students very low Once again, a single passage has been deducted to reduce the level of classroom to Shahid Lakshmi Provinces in classroom three and grade three in the polishes of Class III. After that, public representatives and local residents showed interest in showing interest, due to which the students have increased in both the schools and have returned again.

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